About The Clean Air Partners Program


What is CAPP?
Clean Air Force LogoClean Air Partners is a program of the CLEAN AIR Force of Central Texas (CAF), of local employers pledging to reduce pollution-forming emissions while receiving regional recognition in return. The program recognizes local employers who reduce their emissions with a variety of options, while promoting their clean air successes to the community. Partners carry out clean air efforts via employee and other clean business practices to reduce the emissions that contribute to unhealthy air in our region. Employers report their achievements once a year.

Origination of the Program:
The Clean Air Partners Program (CAPP) was developed by CAF and local environmental and business organizations and stakeholders, responding to the Austin Gridlockfact that most of pollutants creating harmful ground-level ozone pollution in Central Texas are coming from our vehicles, both on-road (commuting vehicles) and off-road (construction/lawn/site vehicles and equipment). Since local employers are the main cause for our on-road vehicle emissions, the CAF went straight to the source and recruited six major employers in the region to charter the program and help develop innovative strategies to reduce emissions. The six Charter Partners were AMD, Intel, Motorola, Samsung, Solectron and Vignette. Our current Partners are listed on our Partners Page.

A Doable Program:
Austin BicylistsAny employer within Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Travis and Williamson Counties of Central Texas is eligible to become a Clean Air Partner. Partners pledge to make a good faith effort to reduce at least 10% of their ozone-forming emissions within three years. Each Partner creates its own emissions baseline in which to reduce from and selects a customized set of clean air efforts (including those ongoing!) practical for that Partner’s business makeup. Such efforts include employee commute solutions (encouraging transit use, vanpooling, carpooling, teleworking, biking, walking, compressed/flexible schedules), use of cleaner fleets and fuels, clean energy practices, low-emission construction and landscaping activities, utility conservation, and many other activities that can contribute to cleaner air.

Each Partner reports its annual successes once a year via a user-friendly online reporting tool that calculates the Partner’s emission reductions, while archiving the data and tracking the percent of total emissions reduced.

Clean Air Partners is Good Business:
Why become a Partner? The best reason is because it makes good business sense. Most of the emission reduction strategies result in saving employers and employees money. In addition, Partners are publicly thanked and recognized in a variety of advertisements, events and publications.

Secondly, an employer can become a steward of our community and our environment. Air quality is everyone’s business because everyone contributes to our ozone problem. From our tailpipes, to our everyday services and our daily utility use, every individual and employer has the opportunity to give back and make a positive impact on Central Texas. Clean Air Partners offers employers this opportunity by doing their share for cleaner air.

See the list of many benefits to becoming a Partner on our Join Page. Save money? Become a steward of our community? Those are certainly worthy reasons to consider becoming Clean Air Partners!